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Our TBX Fit team has over 15 years of combined experience In fitness programming, coaching, physical therapy, nutrition and competitive golf. We have come together to build the ultimate training experience for golfers.

Start training now and become the best golfer and version of yourself.

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Get taken through a full TPI Screen to understand how your body moves In connection with the golf swing while also understanding where your strength and power leaks are. Do this at a local Tee Box location or with one of our coaches virtually.

Nutrition Package       $97

Take your training to a new level by making sure your body is fueled right for your individual needs! Getting the right amount of food is crucial for muscle growth and performance. You will get a custom macro count, meal plan, recipes, and chat support to help you hit your goals!

competitive golfers

Have a goal to play college golf, compete at the pro level, or just want to win your local club championship? Let our team guide you with dialed In assessments, training, nutrition, and more. Customize your plan today!

1:1 performance coaching

  • TBX Assessment (In Person or Virtually)
    • TPI Screen
    • Strength/Power Testing
  • Personalized Strength and Mobility Programming
  • Follow Up Assessments
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • College Recruiting Guidance

*Starting at $97


“I had a great experience going in for a fitness screening with Tyson at the Tee Box. I learned a lot about how my body works in the golf swing. We figured out what areas I am strong in and what areas need improvement as well as what exercises and stretches I need to implement to improve. Tyson has a really good eye and was able to see little things in how I moved and knew how they could affect my golf swing, with a focus on how to improve my club head speed as well as protect myself from injury. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their golf game.”

David Liechty


“Working with Tyson and Kyler at the Tee Box was incredibly beneficial! I was able to fix my knee pain and through a TPI screening find and address some weaknesses that have been holding my golf swing back. After working with the TBX Fit team I was able to work and progress pain free and hit 212mph ball speed!”

Jay Heath


“I am grateful for the coaching I received from Jodi and the TBX Fit Team! I have a fitness and nutrition background but was feeling stuck and having a hard time holding myself accountable. Jodi has gotten me back on track and helped me get out of a plateau that I had been on for about a year! I pushed passed challenges that I wouldn’t have put myself up against and I love the way I feel! Strong, confident, refreshed and motivated!

McKenna M

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