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Custom Club Fittings

It’s Like A Prescription For Your Golf Swing

At our Impact Fitting Centers, you will not only be fit by the top fitters in the country but we also provide the largest selection of custom shaft and head combinations in Utah.  Once we determine the right prescription for your swing, we take the time to properly build your equipment using the same process performed for the pros.


This is our recommended stock club option that best suits your swing while keeping pricing competitive to what’s in the market at any golf facility.


This option includes the upgraded shaft that best fits your swing just like the pros are using. Once we decide the best shaft and club-head combo for you, we then do a basic build to your specifications.


This is the option we are most known for. We do a complete Tour Build where we take your upgraded shaft and tighten the tolerances with frequency matching.  We then perform a complete SST shaft analysis on each club making sure we glue the shaft in at the right orientation so you have the most consistent results for each club. This option includes our Warranty Guarantee. If you don’t love it, bring it back and we will re-check each build until everything is dialed in for you.

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