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TBX Summer Camps 2024

TBX Youth Summer Camps

At the Tee Box, our athletes #TrainDifferent. Our programs, designed by certified instructors and trainers, have been tested and proven to take athletes to the next level in all aspects of training both on and off the course. Whether your goals are to make the high school team or compete at the next level, we will help you succeed.

Summer Schedule

TypeDatesAgesTimeDayMember CostNon-Member
Cost (Non-Member)
# of
JuniorJune 4-66-89-10:00amT-TH$25$50$12510
JuniorJune 4-69-1210-11:30amT-TH$37.50$75$17512
JuniorJune 4-613-1811:30am-1:00pmT-TH$37.50$75$17512
JuniorJuly 9-116-89-10:00amT-TH$25$50$12510
JuniorJuly 9-119-1210-11:30amT-TH$37.50$75$17510
JuniorJuly 9-1113-1811:30am-1:00pmT-TH$37.50$75$17512
JuniorAugust 6-86-89-10:00amT-TH$25$50$12512
JuniorAugust 6-89-1210-11:30amT-TH$37.50$75$17510
JuniorAugust 6-813-1811:30am-1:00pmT-TH$37.50$75$17510



Membership Pricing and Fees

Fall SessionSpring SessionSummer Session
Non-Member Price
(Paid Upfront)
Member Pricing
($25 Registration Fee)
Non-Member Price
(Paid Monthly)

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Spring, Summer, & Fall Sessions

Our TBX Academy programs are divided into 3 sessions throughout the year: Fall, Spring, Summer. The Fall and Spring sessions consist of twice a week classes at our indoor training facilities. Summer session includes a mix of indoor training and outdoor play.

Summer Session

June 4th - August 8th

Grades 1st - 6th

Level 1 M/W 4pm - 5pm
Level 2 M/W 5pm - 6pm

Grades 7th - 12th

Level 3 T/H 4pm - 5pm
Level 4 T/H 5pm - 6pm

Discounted Student Membership

-High School or College Students Only
-TBX Academy included in membership
-24/7 Hitting bay access to any Tee Box facility
-Gym Access
-3 hitting bay reservations per week (Up to 2 hours per reservation)
-Individual Membership
-1 Guest Allowed
-TBX Fit App 30 day trial

Fall Session

Sept. 6 - Dec. 14

Grades 1st - 6th

Level 1 M/W 4pm - 5pm
Level 2 M/W 5pm - 6pm

Grades 7th - 12th

Level 3 T/H 4pm - 5pm
Level 4 T/H 5pm - 6pm

Summer Session

May 1 - Aug. 30

Grades 1st - 6th

Level 1 TBD
Level 2 TBD

Grades 7th - 12th

Level 3 TBD
Level 4 TBD

Cole SMith

Spring & Summer Sessions

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Made the High School Team

Increased My Bench Press PR

Fixed My Back Swing

Received Two College Scholarships